Equal Opportunity Policy


AndHome (the Company) is an equal opportunities employer and believes that it is wrong to discriminate against employees and potential employees on grounds of sex, marital status, age, race, colour, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation. The future of the Company depends on employing staff of the highest calibre and it is in the Company's best interest to recruit as widely and openly as possible.

In recognition of this policy, the Company will endeavor to provide equal opportunities in terms of recruitment, training and promotions and will monitor the effectiveness of the policy.



Vacancies will be open to all applicants who meet the requirements of the position and such requirements will relate solely to performance.  Standards of English and education higher than those actually required for the position will not be sought. Not withstanding these requirements the Company reserves the right always to select the best applicants who apply for particular positions irrespective of grouping.

The criteria and skills relevant to the job shall be decided in advance of selection.

Vacancies will usually be advertised as widely as possible.

Qualifications will only be required where specifically dictated by the job and equivalent overseas qualifications will be accepted where permitted.

Shortlisting and interviewing requirements will treat each applicant equally and fairly.

Staff responsible for interviews will be aware of the criteria for selection and they will be required to ensure that decisions are not affected by discrimination.  Questions at interview will be broadly agreed in advance.


Staff Development, Training and Promotion

The Company will actively encourage employees in their Continued Professional Development (CPD), to enable them to perform their duties more effectively and develop their work.

Opportunities for staff development and training will be open equally to all employees.  Individual employees are invited to discuss their specific needs with their Director.

Where the Company grants special leave for dependents' sickness, or maternity leave then this will not affect an individual's development, training or promotion prospects.


Terms of Employment

The Company is committed to operating an office environment, which is free from discrimination, and where staff can work on an equal basis within the limits of an efficient working of the practice.

The Company will constantly monitor its Condition of Employment to ensure that there is no discrimination against any group of employees.

Where permitted by the working arrangements of the Company, consideration will be given to special and/or extended leave, such as for dependents' sickness and maternity and working hours, so as not to disadvantage the employee through personal circumstances or culture.

The Company will allow temporary or compassionate unpaid leave for employees with exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Partners.

The Company will safeguard the right to return to work after pregnancy for all women who have worked for the practice for more than two years.  Paid maternity leave will be limited to the statutory minimum.

Major religious festivals of all faiths are recognised for leave purposes.


Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

Racial or sexual harassment or abuse, including verbal abuse, will not be tolerated within the Company.  Any employee, irrespective of position, found responsible for harassment or abuse will be disciplined.

Any individual who feels they have been subjected to harassment, abuse or discrimination should contact one of the Directors.


Policy Implementation and Monitoring

The person responsible for implementing this policy and for monitoring its effectiveness throughout AndHome and AndArchitects is Manuel Nogueira who will ensure that appropriate instructions are issued to staff to give effect to the policy and to permit monitoring.

Tom Reekie